Friday, January 3, 2014


It's rare anymore that I find myself in peaceful solice of private corners. Laying here in silence, I feel the rusty crank on the side of my brain creak in ghostly fashion as if opening a door to an ancient tomb that's been buried and forgotten yet newly discovered.
I have always been aware... yet,,, feeling and knowing are two different things aren't they. Feelings make you mad with wonderment. Emotions will draw you into darkness and convince you that you are lost in chaos... and you are. Unfortunately when it comes to matters of the heart and life in general in most cases, the brain tends to shut down so we never really think clearly,,, we just run around lost in the chaos of flooding emotions.
The rusty crank turns and the wheels spins... Once our minds perceive as truth, we can then begin to search for truth.... and truth sadly can be more maddening than the chaos of uncertainty.


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