Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Congratulations, You are a Man

Who do you think you are? Spitting your preconceived contentions in such reckless judgement casts...
Spinning your diluted words in seeming boxed construction as if structure in my world to yours, lasts.
What fools deliquesce out into the wind from breath taken and twisted into mendacity and ignorance bliss.
Smile that smile in twisted guile and keep on believing I do not see you for your truest shallowness.
A pretty face and shining cock, does please them when they seek the thought.
Then cast away for quick decay, while your pretty little words mean naught.
To boast and brag with tool in hand, to root and crow "you are a man"!
How nice for you, you phallic clod, to have a dick and think your God.

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